September 18th, 19th & 20th 2015

"San Luis Somos Todos", will be present at La Etapa with the whole team

The team from San Luis confirmed their attendance to La Etapa Argentina by Le Tour de France 2015 with 13 competitors in the start line. Among them, Josué Moyano, last winner of the event will be present.

There are more and more competitors that add to the race that is organized under the aegis of the Tour de France that grants important prizes. This time, one of the main teams of the country, will arrive in Salta on September 18 with an important team of well-known competitors.

“San Luis Somos todos will take 13 competitors to the La Etapa Argentina”, pointed out the team manager, Pablo Uría, when he handed in the list of competitors who will be present in the event that will take place in the north of the country for its fifth edition.

Among those names, there is the one of Josué Moyano who won La Etapa Argentina 2014 that was held in Villa Carlos Paz. A few days ago he was competing in L´Etape du Tour 2015 in France. The competitor from San Luis had already anticipated that he will try to repeat what he did last year.

Besides Moyano, there are other top quality competitors like Mauricio Quiroga, Sergio Godoy and the young man Giuliano Mini. The team from San Luis goes all in to the north of the country with specialists for all challenges so as to give battle in a weekend full of competition. The aim is to get to the podium in every category.

Full team for San Luis Somos Todos:

-          Sergio Godoy

-          Jorge Giacinti

-          Josué Moyano

-          Gabriel Juárez

-          Alfredo Lucero

-          Fernando Torres

-          Mauricio Quiroga

-          Emmanuel Guevara

-          Fernando Murgo

-          Giuliano Mini

-          Leonardo Sosa Lucero

-          Juan Ariel Lucero

-          Mauro Richeze