September 18th, 19th & 20th 2015

La Etapa Argentina, a passion that goes beyond frontiers

Latin Americans know that the 5th edition of the race is organized under the aegis of the mythical Tour de France is a unique chance to live the passion of Road Cycling. That is why Peruvians, Bolivians, Chileans, Uruguayans, Paraguayans and Brazilian riders will leave from the Salta on September 18th.

The essence of La Etapa Argentina by Le Tour de France has always been to gather together the cycling lovers in one event, whether they are professionals or amateurs and this aim goes beyond frontiers so that is why several Latin American countries will have their representatives ready in Salta and Jujuy from September 18 to 20th.

Within the entry list there are over 10 Brazilian riders from different team who will be running in the north of the country. Milton Augusto Da Silva from Squadra Ercila, and Alberto Medeiros who was born in Mato Grosso Do Sul and is part of the team of over 10 cyclists of the Argentine Sebastián Donadío.  Paulo Blade also comes from Brazil and will be running among Master B2 under the CLR Cycling Team.

At the same time, bordering countries like Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia will take their cycling teams to Salta and Jujuy. Among them, there is the Chilean rider Daniel Troncoso, who will arrive from Atacama with the Virtual Bike Time to compete among the Elite. Then, the young woman Aranza Villalon from Santiago de Chile will join the three Argentinians to complete the Shimano Ladies Power  Team.  

Likewise, Horacio Gallardo will arrive from Bolivia with other 4 teammates to be part of La Etapa Argentina. The same holds true for the Uruguayan Adrián de León who will share the team with the one from Jujuy, Pablo Ruiz.

Paraguay will not miss the cycling show and up to now there are 4 competitors entered who will go to the north of Argentina. Even the Peruvian Héctor Alonso Vela Velarde has already been registered and will be present on September 18th in Salta.

We’re getting closer to the event and we’re sure it will be a historical edition of La Etapa Argentina by Le Tour de Francia and cycling lovers will do whatever it takes so as not to miss the event who puts at play two tickets for L´Etape du Tour in France and La Etapa Paraguay by le Tour de France.


Last days to enter!

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